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Culture and Vision

Wallick & Volk maintains a family atmosphere combined with a dedication to the support of our high volume, highly efficient Mortgage Professionals. We are experienced lenders who believe family comes first.

As a premier mortgage lender, we are committed to the implementation of the finest, fastest, most user-friendly tools and techniques that industry technology and best practices provide. Every member of our staff of Mortgage Professionals is an accomplished, experienced financial industry expert who shares our vision and passion.

Our capable, knowledgeable Operations and Underwriting teams are experts at funding good loans and providing training and support for all team members. Our branch level Processing, Underwriting, and Closing platform is fast and efficient. Normal Underwriting turn times are 24 hours or less, and never exceed 48 hours.

The only way we earn money is by originating home loans. Therefore, we focus all our attention on increasing efficiencies, which allows us to produce more loans. Loans get closed on time! We do what it takes to help our Mortgage Professionals succeed.

Our Team of Mortgage Professionals are seasoned home loan experts in both conventional and government loans. Wallick & Volk has a 50 year track record of working successfully with FHA, VA, and USDA agencies and programs.

We are a privately held mortgage company with a strong, solid financial statement. Our success is not determined by fluctuations in the stock market, and we are not affected by rumor or speculation.

Our business model has been solid since 1932, and was built upon an understanding of our staff's value. Since inception, Wallick & Volk has thrived through every financial cycle in our country's history.

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